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Staying Safe While Driving at Night

Driving at night lets you skip the traffic, but it does come with its own dangers. Across the United States, accident rates tend to be higher at night than they are during daylight hours. Whether you drive at night on a regular basis or only occasionally, following a few key safety tips can help you […]

The Importance of Eyewitnesses in a Personal Injury Case

Building a strong personal injury claim means using a wide range of evidence to prove your case. While you may be able to explain in detail what happened, your word likely won’t be enough for the insurance company. They want to see physical evidence, medical reports, and eyewitness accounts. If you can find eyewitnesses for […]

Lost Income and Your Injury Settlement

When you suffer a personal injury and receive a settlement, that settlement will be broken down into several parts to accommodate for the wide range of losses you may have suffered. One part of your compensation may be for lost income. However, it can be difficult to know what you are entitled to and how […]

Determining Liability When a Third Party Causes a Car Accident

Car accident personal injury cases generally have two or more drivers who are directly involved in the crash. Based on this, in certain cases, there may be a third party that is liable for the auto accident. When third parties are involved, it can significantly complicate the settlement process. A skilled car accident attorney in […]

The Connection Between Speeding and Fatal Accidents

A wide range of driving behaviors and road conditions can lead to fatal accidents. However, few behaviors are as closely tied to fatal crashes as speeding. There’s a large body of research linking speeding to fatal accidents, and unfortunately, each year proves that research to be true. If you or someone you love has been […]

How Insurance Companies Use Independent Medical Examinations to Their Advantage

Personal injury claims are complicated at the best of times. And when you get a notification that the other party’s insurance provider is ordering an independent medical examination, that’s definitely not the best of times. While the name “independent medical examination” may make it seem like you’re participating in an objective third-party overview of your […]

The Importance of an Accident Reconstruction Specialist for Your Case

The details of a traffic accident can be murky. In the best-case scenario, nearby traffic cameras will have the entire incident recorded—but those cameras are expensive, and many municipalities don’t have them yet. This means that if you want to get to the truth of the matter, you’ll need to bring in an accident reconstruction […]

How Accident Scene Photos Can Increase the Value of a Car Crash Claim

An accident, even a minor one, makes subsequent accidents in the same area much more likely. Distracted drivers may fail to stop at the accident scene in time and rushed or stressed drivers may make crucial errors when trying to get around the debris. That’s why crash scenes are often cleaned up in just a […]

Holidays and Drunk Driving Accidents

As you prepare for the holidays by buying gifts, scheduling visits with the in-laws, and figuring out when to wrap the kids’ gifts “from Santa,” make sure you take a few minutes to make safe driving plans. Across the nation, major holidays involve a major spike in DUI arrests and drunk driving car accidents. Learn […]

Getting Fair Compensation for Nerve Damage After a Car Accident

Your body is home to trillions of nerves that regulate everything from breathing and temperature stabilization to motor movement and digestion. A car accident that causes long-lasting nerve damage can have a profound impact on your overall health and well-being. These injuries vary widely in terms of severity and prognosis, which is why it can […]