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Common Dental Injuries That Result from Auto Accidents

Nothing strikes fear into your heart like a wiggling tooth that isn’t meant to move or a sharp toothache that stays with you through multiple rounds of Orajel. Unfortunately, for many car accident victims, this is reality.

Dental injuries are a fairly common outcome in serious accidents. Dental work can be incredibly expensive—so expensive that many people put it off for years. Unexpected dental expenses are even worse when you’re dealing with other accident injuries, lost income, and other osts.

Have you suffered a dental injury because of someone else’s negligence? You could be entitled to compensation. Learn more about common dental injuries, and then call Mann & Potter at 205-879-9661 to schedule a consultation now.

Luxated Tooth

A luxated tooth can quickly become a permanently lost tooth. This injury occurs when trauma loosens the tooth from its root, freeing it to move from side to side within its socket. If treated quickly, it can be secured in place. If left without treatment, it may continue to get weaker until it completely falls out.

Avulsed Tooth

A tooth may become avulsed when it completely falls out during a crash. This may happen when you strike your head against an object or are thrown from the vehicle during the crash. Whether or not the tooth can be repaired and reset into the mouth depends on how it broke, how it fell out, and how quickly you seek treatment.

Fractured Tooth

Fractured teeth can be both painful and embarrassing. In some cases, a fractured tooth is just a source of embarrassment—if it is aesthetically unappealing, you still deserve to get it fixed and feel good about yourself. In a more serious case, your tooth may be visibly broken and have exposed roots, causing significant pain.

Tooth Intrusion

When the tooth gets jammed into the gums, you suffer a tooth intrusion. This often causes bleeding, swelling of the gums, and pain.

Getting Fair Compensation

How do you get full and fair compensation after a dental injury? It’s more difficult than you may think. The other party’s car insurance is not in a rush to pay you what you deserve, since a full settlement will result in lost profits. You’ll need to force them to be accountable for their client’s mistake.

Healthcare is already expensive, but when you add in dental care, a settlement can be even more costly. The cost of dental care is significantly higher than many types of medical care, especially since much of it is not covered by dental insurance. To get compensated for your dental injuries, you will need to prove conclusively that those injuries were the result of the other party’s negligence. That’s where an attorney comes in.

A personal injury attorney in Birmingham, Alabama can fight for the compensation you’re owed. We’ll gather evidence and build a case for you. Our goal is to secure a fair settlement from the insurance company or, if necessary, take your case to court.

Contact Mann & Potter Now

Don’t let a dental injury affect your self-esteem, ability to eat, and pain levels. If your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to shoulder the costs related to your accident. The sooner you connect with the team at Mann & Potter, the sooner we can start on your claim. Call us at 205-879-9661 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a meeting as soon as possible.

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