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The Importance of an Accident Reconstruction Specialist for Your Case

The details of a traffic accident can be murky. In the best-case scenario, nearby traffic cameras will have the entire incident recorded—but those cameras are expensive, and many municipalities don’t have them yet. This means that if you want to get to the truth of the matter, you’ll need to bring in an accident reconstruction expert.

How can an accident reconstruction expert help your claim, and does your accident claim need one? Learn more now and call Mann & Potter at 205-879-9661.

What Does an Accident Reconstruction Specialist Bring to the Table?

Accident reconstruction specialists play an incredibly important role in understanding complex crashes, including those with more than two vehicles. Their understanding of crash physics allows them to determine what caused a crash and explain the sequence of events leading to property damage and bodily harm.

In some cases, a liable driver will come out and admit what they did and where they erred. In many other cases, they may lie or intentionally cover up what happened. If the physical evidence is not enough to prove what occurred, an accident reconstruction specialist can determine the real truth.

Checking Their Qualifications

Keep in mind that the accident reconstruction specialist may have to appear in court and testify. If they do, the opposing side will question their credentials and verify that they actually know what they are talking about. A qualified accident reconstruction specialist will likely have extensive experience in law enforcement or criminal justice, a long track record of working at crash scenes, and specialized training in accident reconstruction. Your attorney will likely choose one with a solid background in courtroom testimony.

How a Specialist Can Help During Negotiations

Most personal injury cases settle during negotiations and never actually reach court. If this occurs with your claim, your accident reconstruction specialist can be a huge asset. If the other side doesn’t accept liability or insists that their retelling of the accident is the accurate one, an accident reconstruction specialist can use hard physical evidence to show both sides what truly occurred. This may put the insurance company in a position where they must settle in order to avoid the time and expense of court.

Using an Accident Reconstruction Specialist in Court

If your case is one of the few that goes to court, an accident reconstruction specialist is essential. A case that has reached the courtroom likely has disputed liability, and the court will want to see the analysis of an outside third party to determine liability. Not only can an accident reconstruction specialist explain what happened in a crash, but they may also be able to explain how different parts of the collision may have led to the injury. This can be helpful if the other side denies that you are injured or questions the extent of your injury.

Does Your Case Need a Specialist?

This is where it’s important to have a personal injury lawyer you trust to advocate for you and do what’s best for your case. Hiring an accident reconstruction specialist costs money, so it may cut into what you get from a settlement or court award. However, if their input is valuable enough to increase what you receive, bringing one in may be the right choice.

Having said that, an accident reconstruction expert is not always needed. Some accidents are fairly simple and easy to decipher. Even if one side tries to lie about what happened, the evidence doesn’t lie and the truth will be apparent. Additionally, if both sides agree about what happened and there are no disputes about how the accident occurred, an expert may not be necessary. A reconstruction expert is most helpful in cases where there is limited surveillance footage of the crash, disputed liability, and unclear physical evidence.

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