chest contusion

Things to Know About Chest Contusions

If you have a general feeling of soreness and tightness in the chest after an impact, you may have a chest contusion.

If someone else is responsible for your impact, you may be able to. Seek compensation from them. To discuss your case in greater detail, call Mann & Potter at 205-879-9661.

What is a Chest Contusion?

A chest contusion is an injury that results from a blow to the chest. It is a type of blunt force trauma that can cause surface-level damage to the skin of the chest, the blood vessels of the affected area, and underlying structures. While vehicle accidents are perhaps the most common cause of chest contusions, contusions may also occur after a fall, an assault, or a workplace accident.

It’s important to look out for the symptoms of a chest contusion after an impact. This type of injury can be serious, and it’s important to catch severe injuries before they become worse. Commonly reported chest contusion symptoms include:

  • Pain and bruising in the chest area
  • Difficulty breathing or short, shallow breaths
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Low blood pressure
  • Skin that feels sweaty or cool
  • Skin that has a bluish tinge
  • Other injuries to the chest area, as these may be the result of the blunt force trauma that caused the contusion

Possible Outcomes

A lot depends on how quickly you seek medical care and the severity of your accident. After a crash, you may choose to get checked out at a local hospital or urgent care center, such as UAB Medicine, Brookwood Baptist Medical Center, or Ascension St. Vincent’s.

In many cases, chest contusions heal without medical intervention. This tends to be the case with mild contusions that cause no damage to the underlying bones, muscles, and soft tissue. If you have a mild chest contusion, a doctor may simply recommend resting, staying hydrated, and limiting your physical activity.

In other situations, a chest contusion can lead to much more serious injuries. If the impact of the crash is hard enough, you could suffer internal bleeding. This can become fatal if not immediately identified and treated. If the contusion leads to a broken rib, the rib could puncture the lung and cause a pneumothorax. This is a very painful condition that requires prompt treatment.

You simply don’t know how serious your chest contusion is until you get it checked out by a medical professional. That’s why it’s so important to see a doctor after an impact, even if you feel fine or only experience mild soreness.

What to Do After Suffering a Chest Contusion

After you’ve been seen by a doctor and followed their care instructions, it’s time to set up a meeting with a personal injury attorney. Your lawyer can help investigate your accident, determine who is liable for your injuries, and fight for compensation.

The sooner you connect with a personal injury attorney, the more quickly they can start gathering important evidence and building a case on your behalf. Make sure to save copies of your medical reports, medical bills, and other documentation.

Find Out How Mann & Potter Can Help You After an Accident

If an accident has left you with a serious injury, don’t negotiate with the insurance company on your own. Let the team at Mann & Potter fight for you. Schedule a consultation with our team now by reaching out online or calling us at 205-879-9661.

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