How long should a case take to settle?


Ted Mann – If it means that we have to work your case up and take it to trial and it takes two years to get there, we have to do that in order to get you the best outcome.

Robert Potter – It also depends upon where the case is filed because appealing upon the judge and when he or she sets the case for trial.

Ted Mann – Court dockets nowadays are, can be, extremely crowded, particularly in Alabama, because we have an underfunded court system. Therefore, cases don’t move quite as quickly as they did in years past when we had more resources statewide. However, from the standpoint of what we do at Mann & Potter, we push every case. We are geared toward the best outcome we can get you. If that can happen in six months time. Great. But if it takes longer and we have to go to trial, we will do what we think is necessary and we will recommend to you that you follow our advice because our experience has taught us that the best outcomes most likely are going to occur when we are standing at a courthouse ready to try your case.