How can I tell what my case is worth?


Ted Mann – So one of the very first things that we get asked, either when a client comes into the office or on the phone, is what is my case worth?

Robert Potter – And the most difficult question of all to answer is that question. And, I typically say this to a client. Your case value falls in usually a range, but it’s as individual as you are an individual. It’s so dependent on so many different things. What are your medical expenses? Have you lost time from work? Do you have a permanent, long lasting injury? Are you going to continue to have these problems and be unemployable long term? It’s so difficult to answer on the front end and I understand why clients want to know. Many of them have been out of work. Many of them have have skyrocketing medical bills or copays that they’re having to pay all along. And they they have an embedded financial motivation in order to survive. And I understand that. But it’s such a difficult question to answer.