What is the difference between a big truck and a passenger car accident?


Ted Mann – One of the big differences between a motor vehicle accident involving an individual and a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial motor carrier, is it the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations applied to a heavy truck lawsuit. And, there are many things in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that govern what the trucking company does, what the driver is capable of doing and those things must be examined, reviewed and preserved quickly. For example, a driver might leave, a commercial driver might leave California and drive to Alabama. It depends on how long he’s been behind the wheel. There are hours of service regulations. Trucking companies are only required to keep those logs for six months. If you wait and you don’t file your case quickly, those logs, even though they may be electronically stored, can be lost and not available. Therefore, you may not know what the driving pattern was of the driver, which could be critical to your case. He may have been fatigued, he may have made stops, or he may have exceeded his daily allotted number of hours to drive. And those things are critical in the evaluation of a heavy truck case.